Note: Sadly, this game is UNFINISHED. Due to the scale of this project we were unable to complete the game during the jam period. What you are playing is the game in it's current state. Development on this game will continue past the date of the jam and will be considered full in a Post-Jam version. The current gameplay experience this demo offers is only a small glimpse of what our team envisioned.

Collect body parts to make yourself whole again!

For Dr. Zilog who created you, you are just another failed experiment. But even that he destroyed your body and left you with nothing more than bare bones, you have a will to survive.

Journey through Dr. Zilog's dungeon of discarded creations. Solve puzzles, fight bizarre creatures, rebuild your body and finally take your revenge on the mad scientist responsible for all this mess in this Zelda inspired dungeon-crawler for TIC-80 fantasy computer.


Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
(12 total ratings)
Authorstrelemar, RushJet1, Fred Bednarski
Made withTIC-80
Tagsdungeon, Dungeon Crawler, fcjam, Horror, Roguelike, TIC-80

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Hey !

I'm creating a co-op bundle with the best tic-80 games. Revenue would be shared between developers. For now the bundle is composed of : the tic-80 console, Last In Space, 8bit panda, shadow over the twelves land and multiple puzzle.

Feel free to contact me on my twitter or by mail : darenn.gamedev[at] if you're interested. Have a great day !

increible el juego ademas echo en tic-80 :) que grande.

pretty cool dude 

Great game and great soundtrack!


very cool

Very impressive! Love the music too!

The knights ran out of the room and I can't exit lol

Neat stuff, nice art and music!