The Goons are chasing you down as you decend through the depths of the Place. You'll find various items and chests to help on your journey below. How far down can you make it before they get to you?


Arrow Keys - Move Player

X - Shoot

Z - Interact

This game is in a playable state, but does not have a lot of content. If you enjoy it, you can follow me @trelemar. I'm sure I'll be posting updates for this. Feedback and or suggestions in the comments are appreciated!

Made with TIC-80


amrogue.tic 37 kB


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It's fricky amazing! But can you please add mirrors to arrow keys control - WASD ?

Pretty fun little game! Got a crash at some point while traversing through the maze:

[string "-- title: Amrogue..."]:722:attempt to index a nil value (field "?").